Feel free to peruse some testimonials from happy clients.


Megan Lilburne has been a wonderful locum for us for many years now. She is conscientious in her efforts to learn about how we practice and then does well to adapt to our style. The result of this is that our patients love seeing her. It also means that we don't suffer any drop off when we go away and we don't have any complaints to deal with when we get.

In fact most patients are only half joking when they tell me "you should take more holidays..."

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Dr Cathy Turnell DC

Megan has provided excellent locum cover for my practice for several years. I go away knowing that everything at work is in safe hands and running smoothly. Megan is very conscientious and observed my style of practice before I went away. She continues the education process with people and keeps people on track with their care plans so things are ready to be picked right back up on my return without any hassles. People always give brilliant feedback about how well looked after they feel while I’m away. Megan is a thoughtful and gifted chiropractor both in her communication and adjusting techniques and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any chiropractors looking for a top class locum!





Megan has done several locums for me over the years.  I run a busy open plan practice, we use the insight scanner and pride ourselves on offering high quality principled chiropractic care.  I have been very lucky to be able to enjoy several family holidays and not have to worry about my other baby, my practice while away.  Keeping the practice open while I am away in my opinion is very important to our patients consistency with their adjustments.  Megan is incredibly reliable, always on time, always full of energy and her bed side manner and tic is very professional and principled.  Megan will mimic your adjusting technique and flow and patients really notice.  

I can highly recommend Megan for all your locum work.  As soon as I heard she was locumming I booked her for 2 holidays.  I love my holidays and I love coming back to happy and content patients.  My CA's have all commented that she is very easy and pleasant to work with and she runs on time.  Stress free holidays when you have Megan.


Dr Estelle Zauner-Maughan DC

Megan is a superstar. I have known her for many years and trusted her with the care of my practice and clients as a Locum, and as a colleague when she was working in my local area. I know that when I need to refer to her she will excel in chiropractic care and love. I would recommend her absolutely anytime


Dr Nicolas Maurice DC

Dr Megan Lilburne locumed for our practice 4 times . We were very happy to ask her back because of her easy going yet courteous attitude. She adapted to the practice easily and stepped into my shoes without any hassle. My CAs loved her and really enjoyed her company. There were no complaints about her adjusting skills, ROF ,scheduling and ability to handle the more difficult cases . She can be vitalistic yet has no problem being mechanistic -while remaining true to the philosophy of Chiropractic or Wellness paradigm.

Above all, she has the ability to mix it up really well while maintaining a steady flow . She adapted to the practice quickly...a huge + for any locum. Megan is a great girl, excellent Chiropractor and super caring. She comes with my highest recommendation. 


Dr Robert Finn & Ne'ema Bowen

Megan was introduced to us by another locum and from there a friendship grew. She locumed for a number of years until she got a full-time job. At times when a practitioner was unwell, she was able to “rejig” her diary in order to accommodate and provide last minute cover for us. Always reliable and dependable and a great house guest too! She was part of the team when she locumed and went out of her way to ensure she fitted into how the practice worked. Even after she stopped working I can always call her to ask her opinion about practice. Wonderfully energetic and enthusiastic – she is a great joy and an asset to have in the practice.